Floral Displays

Flowers have always been of great importance to humans of all cultures throughout our history. Flowers have often been used ceremonially in worship and to show reverence, as gifts or offerings, as food, as decorations and to celebrate important events. Floral displays are still used to great effect in religious ceremonies throughout Asia and India, and many temples and religious sites are regularly adorned with fresh floral displays.

In the west, floral displays and flowers are synonymous with all of the most important life events, from weddings and anniversaries to funerals and memorial services, as well as floral displays used in national commemorations such national holidays and Remembrance Sunday.

Floral Displays for Special Events

When you, or someone important to you, is planning an important event, flowers are usually something that gets decided pretty early on and can be organized easily with a professional florist. Secret Garden Floristry in Petersfield, Hampshire, have many years experience providing floral displays to decorate the most important events. Professional florists like Secret Garden Floristry will work with you to arrange floral displays that are appropriate, beautiful and suitably priced that will compliment the occasion perfectly. A classic example would be to help co-ordinate floral displays that compliment a wedding’s theme and colour scheme, tying a style and thread through from the bouquet, to the button holes, to the venue’s floral displays and additional settings like in the cars or in the table displays at the wedding breakfast.

Floral Displays for Funerals

Funerals and memorials are also important events that can benefit from professionally made floral displays. Flowers have long been a highly important part of the funeral tradition, and they are a beautiful way of bringing dignity and solemn splendour to a deeply emotional event. Again, floral displays can be used to add colour and decoration to the hearse, coffin, venue and graveside in a manner that is both culturally appropriate and shows respect to the family and the deceased.
Floral displays can be made in neutral, soft colours like white, ivory and cream or can utilize a particular colour or flower that means something to the family, or the person being laid to rest. A professional florist like Secret Garden Floristry knows that arranging floral displays and sympathy flowers can feel like a difficult task during a highly emotional time, and so will make every effort to help make all decisions simple, clear and easy to make. Sympathy flowers and floral displays can be used in a number of different ways for mourners to show their respects, including with holders for handwritten notes that can be inserted by the florist, or designed with a message or word within the arrangement.

Arranging Floral Displays

Whatever the event they are being made for, often floral displays need to be ordered at relatively short notice, and a professional florist like Secret Garden Floristry are well prepared to plan, source and make floral displays for important events within timescales. Contact the team here to see their work.

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